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Product details

China's raw material drug clean room pharmacy generally adopts the working mode of central medicine and hospitalization, and the intravenous drug configuration is distributed in the treatment room of each clean room, and is often configured in an open environment. This traditional model is not conducive to the unified management of medicines. The educational background of practitioners (pharmacists and nurses) is different, and it is difficult to achieve complementary advantages. The integrated clean and dust-free workshop pharmacy designed by our hospital integrates central medicine, intravenous drug concentration and drug dispensing, and is designed according to different functional areas as different levels of purification area (inter). Integrated clean room pharmacy. The process of collar, distribution, distribution and distribution of medicines is reasonable, and the separation of people and logistics is ensured, ensuring that the medicines are removed from the packaging, the medicine and the configuration are all in a clean environment. Most pharmacists focus on responsible for receiving, reviewing medical orders, issuing medicines, applying for drugs, and re-arranging finished products. Some pharmacists and nurses are responsible for intravenous drug dispensing and disposition, and the division of labor is clear.

The advantages of this mode of work are: 

(1) Implementing a fixed-person responsibility system with clear division of labor; 

(2) Integrating intravenous drug dispensing centers and dispensing medications, wearing methods and washing according to different cleanliness levels and different rooms The operation positions are strictly distinguished and must not be mixed with shuffling. Cleaning methods, procedures, intervals, and types of detergents in different functional areas are strictly regulated. The adjustment and preparation personnel have a health file, and the medical examination is performed once a year. Infectious diseases, skin diseases, and wounds on the body surface are not allowed to undergo adjustment and configuration work.

1. 5 In the file system, the focus of our work is to develop a standard operating procedure (SOP) for pharmaceutical dispensing. The SOP covers all adjustment work items such as drug collection, dispensing, dispensing, drug dispensing, configuration, verification, issuance, inventory, prescription/dispensing list and account management, including post operating procedures, instrument and equipment operating procedures, and drug management rules. Such projects, strictly stipulate the specific procedures and requirements that should be met for each operation, and ensure that the pharmacy adjustment work has rules to follow.

1. 6 Quality Management? Quality monitoring and management of drug dispensing has always lacked scientific, standardized, and realistic quality management practices, and there are no recognized inspection and acceptance standards. The pharmacy department of our hospital regularly inspects the clean room pharmacy. The inspection contents mainly include: Whether the dispensing process is correct, the number of microbes and dust particles in the clean room, the operating environment and the operator's hygiene, whether the original documents, operation records, documents meet the relevant regulations, and whether the drug management meets the requirements. Requirements, workload indicators, etc.

Work procedure for integrated clean room pharmacy

2. 1 Oral drug single-dose single-dose (unit dose) is a mode of drug delivery for inpatients in advanced countries. 

The process is as follows: 

(1) The clean room pharmacy will review the doctor's order according to the medical order transmitted by the clean room, and confirm it without any error or without doubt; 

(2) print the medicine list and medication label according to the dust-free workshop; 

(3) discharge Drugs; 

(4) After three checks and seven pairs, issued after labeling, bagging and sealing.

2. 2 Intravenous drug concentration aseptic configuration? The intravenous drug configuration workflow is as follows:

2. 3 Combination of prescription (medical order) system and clean room base medicine system?

Based on the integrated management mode of open management and district allocation, some of the work still uses traditional prescription system and clean room small medicine cabinet system. (implementation of base drug management) as a supplement. Special medicines are subject to prescription system and special management; non-intravenous injections and external medicines are still issued according to the doctor's prescription. At the same time, in order to ensure the timely use of patients and reduce the workload of medical staff, the raw material medicines implement the dust-free workshop base drug management system. The dust-free workshop pharmacy and dust-free workshop agreement varieties, quantity, clean room pharmacy regular inspection, so that the clean room small medicine cabinet management in place, to avoid backlog and expired failure, conducive to the unified scheduling and management of drugs. With the comprehensive development of the integrated clean and dust-free workshop pharmacy, the supervision of drug quality has been further strengthened, and the occurrence of errors has been reduced. In particular, through the deployment of intravenous drug services, not only can pharmacists be forced to update existing knowledge, master new technologies, control the quality of good drugs, but also use the configuration center to reduce the cost of hospitalization for patients. Improve the proportion of APIs and drugs, and follow the direction of medical and health reform, opening up new pharmacist team building and clinical pharmacy services

In the field, to help the benign development of the medical structure of APIs